Christine, damnit. (christemo) wrote in neoadanon,
Christine, damnit.

Name: Christine
Age: 15
Girly Or Guyish?: Girly
How Long Have You Been A Neopets Addict?: 34 Months
Who or What Introduced You To The Site?: Random little find.
Why Did You Join This Community?: Because I can not get off of this website and I feed my neopets before I feed my real ones.
Do You RP Your Neopets?: No.
Who Is Cooler--Missy or Lexi? Err, I mean...: Misxi. =)
If You Don't Mind Saying, Do You Eat n00bs?: Yes, I eat n00bs all the time. They're pretty good with ketchup.
Which "Forum" Is Your Hang-out Place?: I don't really hang on the forums. Too many OMGLOLWTFBBQ kinds of kids there.
Very Important--What Is Your MAIN Neopets S/N?: sjachick42
Uh, Anything Else You'd Like To Say?: I hate the new Kougra. Thank God mine arn't affected yet.

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wh00t. The new kougras are icky. -nod nod- MISXI! I love that. I haven't a clue why. Well, welcome to NeoAdAnon. I'm Missy, by the by. o;O
WELCOME! The new kougra is odd o_O

Uhh...Misxi *gigglegiggle* Brilliant.

Erm, yeah. So hi...welcome to our eljay commun-e-tea. ;P