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Hi, I'm LEXI!

I'm Lexi, "Co-Moderator", but please... call me the VP (Vice Prez ;P)

Name: Lexi

Age: 13... 14 vereh vereh soon!

Girly Or Guyish?: Girl... but not too "Girl-y"

How Long Have You Been A Neopets Addict?: *sob* Well, its coming onto... 4 years

Who or What Introduced You To The Site?: Ashley, when we were ickle 5th graders.

Why Did You Join This Community?: Cause Missy told me too *cowers from her wrathe* And its cool :)

Do You RP Your Neopets?: A little bit

Who Is Cooler--Missy or Lexi? Err, I mean...: What do you think? ;)
If You Don't Mind Saying, Do You Eat n00bs?: All the time! I'll tell you they are best deep-fried!

Which "Forum" Is Your Hang-out Place?: Fan Clubs, babeh!

Very Important--What Is Your MAIN Neopets S/N?: Lilstrawberry54--so dorky ^_^

Uh, Anything Else You'd Like To Say?: Oogie Boogie?

Random Input From LEXI--- uh, when you join this you are being fooled, it says "Anonymous" in the profile, but after you join we all know you. So uh, yeah ^_^


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