Nyx Wolfwalker (nyxks) wrote in neoadanon,
Nyx Wolfwalker

An Introduction of Nyxks

Name: Nyx Wolfwalker

Age: 28

Girly Or Guyish? Girly

How long have you been an addict? over 4 years now

Who or what introduced you to Neopets? can't remember

Why did you join this community? sounded like a cool community to be a member of

Do you RP your Neopets? not as yet

Who is cooler--Missy or Lexi? Err, I mean... no idea never meet either

If you don't mind saying, do you eat n00bs? ??

Which "forum" is your hang-out place? I don't, i tend to play the games becuse its one of the new places on the site that i can access for some reason

Very important--What is your MAIN Neopets S/N? my main neopet is Nightean

Anything else you'd like to say? chuckles - well i'm always looking for make new fiends so feel free to add me as a neoFriend. I'm also trying to get more neopoints and what not, but sighs the site isn't very user friendly at times it does appear so the best each day i seem to be able to make is just over 1,000 neopoints, which sucks.

well take care everyone
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